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Lighting can truly help create an elegant affair, establish a mood, highlight special events such as dances or add high energy excitement to complement the music. Consider adding lighting to further enhance your established color palette and themes found in your table linens, centerpieces and other aspects of your engagement.

Contact us to discuss the various options we have available and what best suits your event.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting is computer controlled and offers more versatility than standard systems which run the same continuous pattern. It enables the designer to adjust the colors, speed, patterns and programs to compliment the style of music being played. We have created custom programming unique to our company but still have the ability to further customize the look for your event. Through this technology we can create a soft luxurious fairy tale event or turn your entire room into a night club.

Conventional Lighting

This style of lighting is great when you want to add ambiance to a room without turning your event into a huge production. These lights usually stay a constant color, repeat a pre-programmed pattern and may or may not be sound activated. They can still fill up a small room but don't offer as much versatility as intelligent lighting.

Ambient Uplighting

Uplighting offers a great opportunity to highlight architectural elements in a room, create a sense of depth, or add a wash of color that can coordinate with colors utilized in your celebration. This style utilizes one light with a color filter that stays on throughout the duration of your event. They are typically placed at the bottom of a wall shining directly up towards the ceiling. Consider combining this with our white crushed silk backdrops or 3-dimensional spandex shapes to create the ultimate effect.

L.E.D. Ambient Uplighting

Uplighting provides a variety of options to enhance your venue. L.E.D.'s can be programmed to a specific color, fade through colors, be sound activated or completely controlled by your lighting technician. They can shine up walls or columns and accent architectural elements. Another advantage is their low consumption of power and they generate virtually no heat. Consider combining these lights with our white crushed silk backdrops or 3-dimensional spandex shapes to create the ultimate effect.

Truss Uplighting

Truss lighting is an alternative to traditional uplighting by placing the light inside a lighting truss which is typically standing vertical. For an industrial look the truss can stay exposed. For a soft and more contemporary feel we can wrap the truss in white spandex.

Monogram Projection

Here is another option that enables you to further personalize your celebration. We suggest utilizing a monogram, company logo, school mascot, photograph or any special message/artwork that you want to highlight for your guests. They are typically projected on dance floors or walls. If desired, we can create custom artwork for your affair, call for more details.

Dance Floor and Ceiling Washes

Lighting washes can create a beautiful and elegant look to surprise your guests as they walk into your affair. Imagine projecting beautiful floral, clouds or abstract patterns to create a soft look on a dance floor, ceiling, wall or even tents. We suggest coordinating them with your décor. Due to the nature of this style of lighting pricing is customized and based on the size and technical aspects of your venue, time constraints and complexity of each event.

Pinspot and Centerpiece Lighting

Have you considered highlighting your centerpieces? Pinspots are small lights located near the perimeter of the room and mounted on indiscrete poles to highlight the center of your tables. White is the most common color but lights can be customized to match your theme using colored filters. When combined with uplighting it can truly create an elegant environment.

Black Light or UV Lighting

Ultra-violet lighting causes anything fluorescent in a room to glow. Consider combining them with glow in the dark paints, white gloves or ask your guests to wear all white or fluorescent shirts, head bands, hats, etc. Many atmospheric effects such as snow and bubbles can also have a UV additive to make them glow in the dark. The possibilities are endless, so be creative!

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