Electrifying Productions
Decor & Furnishing

Electrifying Productions offers a wide variety of décor options to help elevate your party to the next level. Consider combining one or two with our lighting options to enhance your venue and add a unique and eye-catching look to your affair.

3-D Spandex Structures

These structures have become very popular for a contemporary approach to columns. They stand alone or can be combined with stretch spandex shapes and uplighting to add visual interest to a room. With the addition of black drapery, you can really make them pop.

Stretch Spandex Shapes

Our pieces come in a variety of sizes and shapes and have great versatility in regards to installation options. They can be hung vertical, horizontal, or from a ceiling. We suggest utilizing uplighting or wash effects or consider using them as a contemporary projection screen for monograms or video.

Modern Spandex Table Linens

Our contemporary linens offer a surprising change from the ordinary. You can start with a basic black base and dress it up with colored napkins, plates, candles, or add a color overlay (as seen in the picture) to dress up the table with a more modern look.

High-Top Spandex Table Linens

Consider this alternative to standard hi-boy or cocktail table linens. The bottoms can be twisted or remain vertical for a clean line. The color overlays can coordinate with your event's color scheme.

White Crushed Silk Drapery

Drapery can be very elegant especially when combined with uplighting. It's a great way to disguise areas of a venue or to add a soft splash of color behind a head table or DJ setup. You may also consider transforming a room at your venue to create a serene backdrop for your ceremony.

Black Drapery

Our black drapery is often used as a backdrop in conjunction with our lighting packages to enhance the beams. Other uses for this service are to back our spandex shapes and make them stand out, mask the sides of a projection screen or to section off areas of a room.

Red Carpet, Stanchions & Velour Ropes (Also available in pink)

Red carpet is a great way to give the "Hollywood" style entrance especially when combined with the stanchions and velvet rope. The carpets are approximately 3' x 25' and other colors may be available. Call for details. The stanchions can also be used to section off areas from guests or keep them away from product displays.


Furniture is another way to set your party aside from the rest while offering your guests a comfortable place to lounge. Our couches have a contemporary feel and we offer a variety of colors. You may also consider adding color through accent pillows.

Dance Platforms/Stages

Stages are a great addition for sweet sixteen's and school events. They are elevated platforms usually placed in the front of the room for your guests to dance on. You can combine stages to make performance areas.

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