Electrifying Productions
Snow Machine

Whether you desire a beautiful snow shower for your introductions or you are trying to create the ultimate winter event in July, we've got the professional machine to do it! Surprise your guests by bringing the elements inside. Snow machines work best in venues with high ceilings and can project as far as 30' by approximately 15' wide. Coverage depends on height, temperature and air flow in a room. You can also add a black light additive to the mixture to have your snow glow in the dark. Other snow products are available, call for details.

Bubble Machine

These machines can really add to a fantasy theme or create an unexpected surprise to an entrance or special dance. We suggest placing them near the ground with bubbles projected towards the ceiling aided by small fans. They work best when a dance floor is full as your guests will prevent the bubbles from hitting the floor. They should be used for short periods of time as surfaces may become slippery with extended use.

Haze Machines

If you have selected one of our large light shows, we highly recommend using a haze machine. A hazer adds water vapor to the air that is odorless and will make the lighting beams stand out without creating clouds of smoke that may irritate your guests.
** Please check with your catering hall ahead of time, to see if they allow use of these machines.

Smoke Machines

Smoke machines unlike a hazer, send out a large burst of smoke that may have a slight odor. We suggest only using these machines if you are looking to create a burst or cloud of smoke for an entrance. Smoke is more likely to set off a smoke detector than haze.
** Please check with your catering hall ahead of time, to see if they allow use of these machines.

Dry Ice Machines

If you are looking for an elegant effect, dry ice is your answer. Dry ice (also known as low-lying fog) can give the illusion of dancing on a cloud. When combined with lighting, you can truly create the ultimate fairy tale moment. It can be difficult to cover larger areas and we suggest consulting with us to discuss if this will work at your venue. These machines do require a considerable amount of power as well as several hours to heat up. If used for an extended period of time, the floor may become slippery.
** We need access to water at the catering hall facility as well as an area to drain the machines.

Confetti Launchers

We offer manually operated launchers that can add excitement to the end of a special dance and are perfect for New Year's celebrations, graduation ceremonies and more. Our confetti comes in a wide variety of colors and styles.

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